Year In Review

Valor Awards


Medal of Valor: Courage, Bravery, Sacrifice


Medal of Valor: Courage, Bravery, Sacrifice


Medal of Valor: Courage, Bravery, Sacrifice

Other Publications

Claim for Damages Form

Dealing with mental illness (LASD CARES)

Deputy-Involved Shooting Information and Resources

Immigration Information Guide (English)

Immigration Information Guide (Spanish)

Deputy-Involved Shooting Information and Resources

A brochure that has Information and Resources for Deputy-Involved Shooting

Standing Up For School Safety

The purpose of this handbook is to provide school educators with tools that aid in the prevention, mitigation, and management of a crisis situation.

Education Based Incarceration - 2nd Edition

People agree that education is a better option than incarceration. Unfortunately, some people make choices in their lives that land them in jail. The values needed to succeed in jail are often in direct conflict with societal norms. Education-Based Incarceration creates a safe and empowering environment, conducive to learning and self-retrospection; it, allows the offenders to reprioritize their lives and opt for success. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department [Rev. 06/2013 - 2nd Edition - original published 2010]

LASD Dual Track Career Path for Deputies

The Dual Track was developed by the Department to enhance continuity, stability, and accountability in the correctional system and Field Operations related functions. The Dual Track will allow sworn personnel the opportunity to select, remain, and promote within their career path of choice: Custody Division, Field Operations, or both.

Executive Clergy Council Year In Review

The Executive Clergy Council continues to be an integral and invaluable part of the Department’s mission to provide exemplary service to all residents of Los Angeles County. Through our partnership, we have established meaningful relationships that are built on trust, respect and unyielding commitment to the Department’s Core Values.

Six Month Status Update of Jail Reforms 2012

July 24, 2012 - Commander Management Task Force Strategy for Jail Reforms: Transform the culture of our custody facilities into a safe and secure learning environment for staff and inmates, and provide a level of service and professionalism consistent with our Core Values.

Public Trust Policing (2nd Edition)

The purpose of public trust policing is to provide a higher level of public safety. It is incumbent upon law enforcement to recognize that without the full faith and cooperation of the public, the mission of public safety is severely impaired. Developing public participation is critical in a world of diverse population.

Decade of Leadership

A Decade of Leadership highlights the accomplishments of the brave men and women of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, from 1998-2008, with details on three dozen successful examples plus photos. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (Published 2009)

Achievements: Sheriff Leroy D. Baca’s Second Term in Office (2002-2006)

Highlights the achievements made by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department during Sheriff Leroy D. Baca’s second term in office. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (Published 2007)

Community Based Intervention for Youth: Building a brighter future

It has become imperative that we reach out to our youth with new and innovative intervention and prevention programs in order to stop the cycle of gangs and drugs which have become ingrained in many neighborhoods. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (Published 2011)

Confronting the Gang Crisis

This publication is only available to law enforcement. Please contact the Sheriff's Department for a copy of this publication.

Crime and Arrest Statistics (1996-2009)

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (Published annually)

Hall of Justice - Restoring a Piece of History

The Hall of Justice is a historical and monumental landmark that sits empty, beckoning to once again fulfill its role to serve the citizens of Los Angeles County. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (Published 2009)

Hertzberg Davis Forensic Science Center

Highlights those individuals and organizations who were paramount to the successful completion of the Hertzberg-Davis Forensic Science Center and details on this state-of-the-art crime lab. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (Published 2007)

Law Enforcement Symposium - Gulf States Conference Report

The Gulf States, European & North American Law Enforcement Symposium. The International Perspective on Law Enforcement Cooperation. Beverly Hills, California, 3-5, 2009. 60 members of the international police community gathered in Los Angeles to share individual perspectives on international law enforcement, to understand the impediments to cooperation, to establish mutual goals, and to discuss ways to increase cooperation across national boundaries and police agencies. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (Published 2009)

Parolee Monitoring Program

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is implementing the new Parolee Monitoring Program and keeping our communities safe by identifying and monitoring Active and Non-Revocable Parolees who otherwise would have no oversight. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (Published 2010)

Police Diplomacy - A Global Trust

Diplomatic relationships have long been the foundation of trust between nations. The interchanging of police resources, training, and experience between nations will enhance public participation and provide a safer, more secure community regardless of geopolitical borders. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (Published 2009).

Split Second Decision - The dynamics of the chase in today's society

A deputy sheriff has a positive duty to prevent crime and take appropriate law enforcement action in all warranted situations. This book is intended to acquaint the reader with various types of life-threatening scenarios commonly faced by law enforcement officers. Each scenario is designed to provoke thought and discussion, and serve as a training tool to assist deputies in making better overall tactical decisions during high-risk situations in the field. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (Published 2009)

Terrorism Early Warning - 10 years of achievement in fighting Terrorism and Crime

Terrorism in an issue of concern to law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. This book brings together academic specialists and law enforcement practitioners to capture the history and share lessons learned by the Los Angeles Terrorism Early Warning Group. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (Published 2008)

The Leaders behind the Star: Reflections on Leadership in the LASD

TLeadership in not an inherent trait, it is developed and nurtured throughout the course of one’s life. Sheriff’s Department members consisting of both sworn and professional staff have developed this guide to assist you in achieving your highest leadership potential. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (Published 2009)

The County of Los Angeles Annual Report 2009 - 2010

The L.A. County departmental summaries, services, capital projects and refurbishments.

2009 LASD Strategic Plan Book

... "the initiatives, programs and plans included in this publication represent the Sheriff’s Department’s compass – our deep conviction that public safety is critical to a strong community, that the work we do matters, and that our passion to excel in our public safety efforts requires us to have a clear vision for the future and to take concrete and innovative steps to attain it".

United Peace Officers Against Crime

making a positive difference in the lives of children and youth primarily through mentor ship with a caring adult, and to assist them in achieving their highest potential as they grow to become confident, competent, and caring individuals, by providing committed volunteers, community leadership and standards of excellence.

Did You Know?

  • The LASD provides court security, baliffs, lock-up, judicial process service and enforement for the Nation's largest county court system (Superior Court of Los Angeles)
  • The LASD operates on a budget of $2.5 billion per year.
  • The jail Food Services Unity for the LASD produces 88,000 meals a day
  • The LASD, in conjunction with the Los Angeles Police Department, operates the Hertzberg-Davis Forensic Science Center (Crime Lab) at California State University, Los Angeles
  • The LASD has every specialized unit a U.S. law enforecement agency can utilize, including over 72 distinct unity of assignment
  • The LASD is the nation's largest contract policing agency patrolling 40 of the county's 88 cities, as well as the 90 unincorporated county areas
  • The LASD is the largest community college policing agency in the nation (nine campuses of the LA Community College District which serves more than 130,000 students)